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Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC) is a network of comprehensive employment training programs across the nation. The first OIC was founded in Philadelphia in 1964. From its beginnings in an abandoned jailhouse, OIC has grown into an organization which serves disadvantaged and under-skilled Americans of all races. OIC Affiliates are involved in a variety of programs which impact upon disadvantaged Americans, encompassing employment training, alternative education systems and economic development. With more than 50 years of helping others to help themselves OIC's have served over 4 million clients with a placement rate better than 75% in full-time positions.

How is OIC Organized & Operated?

Our national headquarters, Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America (OICA), serves local OICs in most states and Washington, D.C. Through the central administration headquarters in Philadelphia, OICA provides Affiliates with technical assistance in the areas of program planning and operations. OIC operates on a national as well as local level. On the local level, OICA has chartered Affiliates. Each Affiliate is incorporated in the state where it is located and has its own Board of Directors whose membership reflects the diversity of the community.


It is Arizona OIC's mission to help people help themselves through accessible education, career preparation, skills training, and job placement assistance. Through our services we seek to develop the "whole person" with the goal of self-sufficiency.

Arizona OIC’s programs and facilities have provided recruitment, training, job placement assistance, and employee services to the unemployed, underemployed, unskilled, and dislocated worker for more than 47 years.

7 Point Philosophy

  • OIC believes in people, their unlimited possibility for good; improvability and right to a good life regardless of his/her color, creed, family background or any circumstance or misfortune of life.
  • OIC holds that all people in infinite variety should be treated with respect - dignity is not to be violated because of his/her appearance, personal history or present condition.
  • OIC insists that its trainees should be treated as the adults they are: that everyone can learn, even though at different speeds and under differing conditions; that it is the obligation of OIC personnel to assist the learner in finding and adjusting to his/her most favorable learning environment.
  • OIC is also the outgrowth of the Civil Rights Movement; that there probably would have been no OIC without the struggle for human dignity and equal opportunity. Thus OIC is also viewed as a positive constructive and tangible phase of the Civil Rights Movement.
  • OIC considers itself part of the war on poverty and that its services are most valuable to the poor, the unemployed, the defeated and the socially rejected; that to the extent that OIC establishes rapport with the victims of poverty and renders real assistance to them - to that extent does OIC accomplish its mission.
  • OIC realizes that people differ widely in their social and cultural traits and that no set of these characteristics can be adjudged inherently "superior" or "inferior".
    OIC recognizes that the world of work does have rules and practices that must be understood by those who would succeed in this realm.

OIC 7 Objectives

  • To train or retrain millions of men and women with untapped talents and unknown skills, who are unemployed and under-employed.
  • To involve the total community in the awareness of the value of preparation, thereby stimulating and inspiring individuals to seek higher levels of productivity, creativity, and achievement.
  • To develop among other trainees and associates a sense of increased economic security.
  • To foster and nurture a sense of self pride which will give the trainee confidence and enable him/her to participate with dignity in the total society.
  • To stimulate loyalty and pride in the community; a sense of brotherhood involving all religious, racial, cultural, economic, political and other groups.
  • To adapt the training program to meet the challenge of changing technological advances and current business needs.
  • To develop an awareness of man's relationships and responsibilities to his fellow human, along with the ability to act in a constructive manner in the community and the world.


Arizona OIC is a non-profit community- based organization that has been meeting the needs of economically disadvantaged individuals throughout the community. 


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